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2020-02-19 06:34

About this mod. Makes your quest targets green on the map and discovered towns tealblueish. Undiscovered towns are red and your current location is a tanorangeish color.Getting ready for the Remaster, I reinstalled Skyrim to play around and was reminded of CMM being here! Note, all Markers must still be Discovered (same as all default markers) before showing on the Map. Thanks! MAP MOD and TWEAKS: Since a few people have asked, the map mod in the screenshot is: A Quality World Map With Roads by IcePenguin skyrim colored map markers mod

'Simple Markers Holds and Quests BLUE' (requested by yours truly) is very similar to the old 'Colored Map Markers' mod. Alternately, you could also use 'Trinity Colors' from this mod. It's also identical to the current, and outdated, STEP mod. That trinity mod is a great find.

PC Mod Colored Quest and Capital Map Markers for SkyUI 5. x now available for SE (self. skyrimmods) submitted 11 months ago by Ferethis After returning from a long break, I saw that SkyUI for SE was now a thing, so I tested my old LE mod with it and it works perfectly. About this mod. Colors your map markers! Compatible with Skyrim 1. 8 and up, so your waypoint markers won't disappear Compatible with SkyUI Check the description for more infoskyrim colored map markers mod Mod Shoutout Skyrim Map Markers lightweight mod that adds 100 map markers (self. skyrimmods) submitted 2 years ago by dAb74 Hey, just a little shoutout to let you know that Leo recently updated his Map Markers mod.

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Skyrim colored map markers mod free

Colour Map Markers Simple recolour of the map& hud markers There's 2 map versions to choose from with the included installer Simple Major towns& palaces are blue, quest markers skyrim colored map markers mod Nov 10, 2012  Thanks for watching our Skyrim Mod Spotlight! Skipto buttons below! Skyrim Mod: Coloured Map Markers& Sword of Truth Brodual. Loading Unsubscribe from Page 1 of 2 WIP Colored Map Markers Next Set posted in Skyrim Mod Talk: I've picked out two sets of markers for the next release. I would like to do both, but don't have the time at the moment. For now, pick the one you like the most, and it will be added to the main files for download on my mod's page. The one that doesn't get picked will go up against another one in the next few days EzE's Colored Map Markers. Description Discussions 0 Comments 68 Change Notes. Rate. Favorite. Favorited. Unfavorite. Share. Add to Collection. Category: Only mods that edit map. swf in the folder, and hudmenu. gfx in the folder will be affected. If that's the case, just I can get the colored markers to show on the map, but the compass ones still show up black and white. I've tried with a fresh isntall, no mods other than SkyUI, and no dice. And it only seems to be this mod, sicne I've tried others like Pastel Map Markers and NACMIM