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4 Color Reanimator. Standard Deck By AngelWings. RSS 1 The Shiftstoned Eternal Power Calculator is a deckbuilding tool that visualizes your odds of drawing enough Influence and Power based specifically on the cards found in your deck. Close View Deck on Shiftstoned. Deck Rarities.4 color Reanimator Aether Hub, Bloodstained Mire, Canyon Slough, Cinder Glade, Fetid Pools, Forest, Frontier Bivouac, Island, Menu Home Deckbuilder Forum Decks Top Decks Deck 4 color reanimator deck

So technically the best deck that relies on a reanimator strategy IMO is Thrasios and X. Vial Smasher is a cool option. The colors that have the strongest synergies for dumping things into the graveyard and pulling them back out would be Red through card filtering, Black cheap reanimating, White pretty good reanimator creatures, Blue great support color in general.

Browse Home Decks Standard FourColor Reanimator FourColor Reanimator Suggest a Better Name. ONLINE. 27. 09. PAPER. 198. 90. 19 Mythic, 27 Rare, 12 Uncommon, 8 Common 1 Decks (0. 25 of meta) Sample Deck. SCG Standard IQ Cookeville, 7th Place Format: Standard May 28, 2016 Other Decks From the Tournament 1st Wolf Run RUG deck by Reid Duke 2nd UW Delver deck by Charles Gindy Top4 UW Delver deck by Josh Cho Top4 UW Delver deck by Ben Lundquist Top8 UW Delver deck by Ryan Phraner Top8 MonoGreen Dungrove deck by Joseph Smith Top8 Naya Pod deck by Ian Shore Top16 Naya Pod deck by Joshua Cross4 color reanimator deck 4 color reanimator deck list with prices for Magic: the Gathering (MTG).

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Dec 28, 2018 Though the Commander is Scion of the UrDragon making this technically a 5color deck, the 99 other cards maintain the 4color identity. I chose these four colors because each one has important cards to help quickly cheat things into play. 4 color reanimator deck [RTR Reanimator Four Color Grisly Salvage, Mulch, Angel of Serenity, Avacyn, Angel of Hope, Deathrite Shaman, Unburial Rites, Faithless Looting, Menu Home Deckbuilder Forum Decks Top Decks Deck Search Sets FourColor Reanimator. For starters, Abzan Aggro is on a much needed rise. Andrew Tenjum and Thea Steele had very good finishes with the deck in the Standard Open at the Season Four Invitiational, and Brian BraunDuin further solidified the archetype with his top 4 finish in the Players' Championship. Updated Mar 03, 2018 by AsenWolf using our MTG Deck Builder. This is a straightforward reanimator deck with early explosive potential and grindy finishers if beating face doesn't end the Deck Tech: 4Color Reanimator with Mahendra Raval. By Nick Miller. Tweet. 4Color Reanimator Mahendra Raval 198th Place at Star City Games Standard Open on. Standard. Creatures (23) 1 Soul of New Phyrexia; View More Standard Decks Search Decklists. 210 Invi Qualifier Glassboro, US;